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Welcome to Custom Fury Parts. We offer some of the most custom one-off parts for the Honda Fury on the planet including our side mount license plate. Our custom parts are precision CNC milled right here in our shop meeting exact tolerances for product fitment on your motorcycle.



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Our "Side Mount" license plates are one of a kind. It mounts directly to our aluminum dust ring that replaces the plastic stock one. The "Side Mount" comes complete with dust ring, license back plate and plate frame with light.



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License Plate & Dust Ring finishes include:

Chrome - Polished Aluminum - Powdercoat



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Dyna Beads

Dyna Beads dynamically balance tires on the move, resulting in a smoother ride, and one that lasts the life of the tire.

Dyna Beads are small ceramic spheres, high in density and perfectly smooth, that travel inside the tire to locate themselves opposite heavy points to eliminate out-of-balance motion.The result is not only a smoother ride, but a better look - Dyna Beads eliminate the need for spoke or stick-on weights applied to those beautiful alloys.  They can be used with tubes or tubeless tires, and work for scooters as well.